Spring/Summer 2024 Collection is Now Available!

New Collection Spring Summer 24

Spring Summer 24, our hymn to joy

“One should sympathise with the colour, the beauty, the joy of life.”  - Oscar Wilde 

The concept of the Spring Summer 2024 collection by Stile Latino revolves around this phrase by Oscar Wilde, the dandy par excellence who has dictated the rules of a rebellious aesthetic. The rebellion proposed by Stile Latino for spring 2024 passes through colours, with the choice of fresh and bright colours that meet classic and sophisticated tones. In designing the collection, the creative director Vincenzo Attolini embarked on an ambitious feat: to give the joy of living to those who choose his garments.


The pleasure of lightness

Pleasure becomes concrete when you wear garments of incomparable lightness. The careful choice of fabrics and yarns guarantees maximum comfort and pleasantness. The collection is made up of garments in very fine cottons, precious wools and the ever-present cashmere, as well as fine Italian wools, wild silks, English wools, Irish linens and sea island cottons. There are two geographical areas that inspired the composition of the looks in the collection: on one hand, the breeze that characterizes the Italian summer dominated by light and bright tones and the shades of blue typical of the Mediterranean Sea; on the other hand, the wild and pristine vibes of the desert with its golden sand dunes interspersed with warm brick-coloured rocks.

Less is more

With this collection, Vincenzo Attolini intends to reaffirm what is now one of the fundamental rules of elegance.

But it's not just a stylistic choice; it's a commitment towards the promotion of a world, that of small and medium-sized Italian companies, where the production of every single garment is entrusted to the work of seasoned hands, trained over the years; guardians of an expertise rooted back in time. The manufacturing of every single piece of the collection, the selection of raw materials is carried out in a constant respect of the environment and our earth. The idea of presenting a collection composed of a few precious garments, behind which we can find names, faces, hands, it's indeed a desire to convey them a highly symbolic value. 

'Take care of it' is the expected message, as this garment 'will take care of you' being it manufactured with fine materials, in compliance with the rules of the supply chain, and respecting people and environment: for all these reasons it will long accompany you on the wonderful path that is your Life. 

The leit motiv of Stile latino Fall Winter 23- 24 collection is right this: our wish is to take care of your wellbeing, providing you with a tool to feel attractive, elegant, sexy, and leaving behind the stereotypes and forced scaffolding of these complex times. 

Stile Latino, therefore, aims at dressing contemporary man, the one who, having got rid of the idea of a formal and rigid elegance, directs his preferences towards a softer taste and refinement: a type of elegance that distances from ostentation.

A new concept of luxury

The classic jacket remains the key garment of the entire brand, an ever-winning battle-horse for its tested construction, for the exclusive fabrics and finishes and for the bold choice of textures that combine classic patterns such as damier and the overcheck to bold and lively details. Sometimes the jacket leaves room for original alternatives such as blousons, trench coats, overshirts and safari jackets which give new spaces in the section dedicated to outerwear. The collection redefines the concept of luxury through a reinterpretation of the must-haves of the male wardrobe, mixing elegant and timeless garments with more contemporary details. The outfits abandon all rigidity and become even more comfortable and casual. The t-shirt that can be glimpsed under the dress and the polo shirts with zip are cleared through customs and become a real must, in perfect balance between relaxation and elegance. Although characterized by many novelties, the new collection remains firmly anchored to the Neapolitan sartorial tradition, recalling its standards and giving new life to fashion for the contemporary man.

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