Spring/Summer 2024 Collection is Now Available!

New Collection Spring Summer 23

A journey in search of new inspirations

The Stile Latino Spring/Summer 2023 collection carries us away to new destinations. The collection is characterized by a renewed interest in casual dressing in full respect of Neapolitan sartorial art. Soft and cutting-edge fabrics meet classic modeling to redefine the concept of comfort. Four capsules with different frames revolve around a rediscovered freedom to travel, not only by moving in space but also by abandoning oneself in search of new ideas.


The man between inspirations and emotions

Exploring an unknown or only imagined territory, opening up to new things with joy and still being amazed by the little things: these are the inspirations that have led to the creation of the entire collection.

The journey becomes metaphorical, the luggage becomes emotional, and all the details crossed in the path crystallize in the mind of the traveler until they turn into precious ideas for the creative flow.

Each capsule is characterized by a color palette and a choice of different fabrics, which are more suited to the spring or summer season, with a constant reference to the summer vibes, to that summer well-being, to the peace and relaxation that characterize the brightest days of the year.

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